Crossroads Cadiz Podcast

God’s Protection Plan - Exodus 20:14

March 5, 2020

"You shall not commit adultery." Ex. 20:14

"Let marriage be held in honor among all and let the marriage bed be undefiled." Heb 13:4


A. The Problem: What cause affairs? 

Prov 6:32

  • Unmet needs
  • Unresolved conflict 
  • Unfilled expectations 
  • Undeveloped self-worth

B.The Prevention 

1. Make a commitment to God's ___ 

2. Magnify the ___ 

Reasons I intend to be faithful to my wife: 

I love Jesus Christ

I love my wife and children 

I fear the judgement of God 


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Life Application 

The Pathway Back to Purity 

  1. Acknowledge my sin
  2. End the relationship immediately
  3. Do what is necessary to avoid contact with that person.