Crossroads Cadiz Podcast

What’s in a Name? Building Life on God’s Values

January 26, 2020

Message for Jan 19 2020


"You shall not take the name of the LORD you God in vein, for the LORD will not hold him guiltless who takes His name in vain." Exodus 20:7 ESV

One's Name Represent Three Things: 

  1. It represents reputation
  2. It represents character
  3. It represents authority


A) Ways God's Name is misused… 

  1. Using God's name to insult
  2. Using God's name to indulge
  3. Using God's name to intimidate
  4. Using God's name to impress.
  5. Using God's name impulsively.

B) How to use God's name correctly… 

  1. Reference God's name continually. 
  2. Represent God's name clearly. 
  3. Rely on God's name completely. 


Life Application 

The bad news: Matthew 12:36-37

The good news: You can skip the Judgement.

Romans 8:1, Acts 4:12, John 20:31, Luke 6:45


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