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Jesus… Your Best Financial Advisor - Matthew 6:19-21

September 22, 2019

Let's Dispel a Few Modern Misunderstandings and False Doctrines 

• Jesus does not advocate poverty as a means to spirituality.  Acts 2:44-45 

Acts is a book of the bible, categorized as a "___" book.

• The Bible recognizes the right to material possessions that are acquired honestly. 

…Descriptive vs. Prescriptive

• God expects us to enjoy the blessing that He give, including the material blessings. 1 Tim 6:17

• Material possessions are not, in and of themselves, evil … unless they become idols in your life. 

Matt 25:27 

Proverbs 6:6-8 > Go to the ant, you slacker!

Proverbs 14: 23 (a verse for the modern politician) 

• The Bible gives considerable counsel for __ and following good ___ . 

• It is not the government's job to __ of us. 


Your Finances - According to Jesus  

1) We have some problems with our man-made investment plan (v19) 

• It tends to focus upon us… upon "self" 

• It most often has material possession as the primary goal. 

• These material possessions are not permanent … they will all decay. 

• Your possessions may also be taken away from you. 

2) Jesus commands us to invest in heaven! (v20) 

• You are investing in eternal things. 

• You are investing in people. 

• Those treasures will last forever. 

• God's ___ on this investment, the __ of the ___, can never be ____ !


3) The location of your investments reveals the condition of your heart. (v21) 


Getting into God's "Market" 

  1. Give in faith, and trust God to provide for all of your needs. 
  2. Remember that you can never "out-give" God. 
  3. Don't expect God to get involved in your finance until you become a faithful investor in His work. 


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